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How To Study For Gross Anatomy

This post will be short compared to the last few posts. In the next few days I will post high yield good tips for the different subjects, so make sure you visit the website frequently. Also, don't forget to share the website with your friends. All right, so let's get to the anatomy part. First of all, anatomy is extremely high yield for the Step 1 and do not take it lightly. You will get at least 3 to 4 questions on anatomy per block. And those are pretty easy questions if you know your anatomy inside and out. Now, If you been studying for the Step 1's anatomy section, I am sure you are rocked by the USMLE World's anatomy imaging questions. And, First Aid doesn't do a good job with the anatomy. So here is what you need to do for Anatomy.

By now I am sure you realized that Anatomy is extremely boring so what you need to do for anatomy is watch all the Kaplan Embryology & Gross Anatomy Videos by David Seiden (old guy). Do not watch the neuroanatomy videos. Those are worse. Just watch the Embryology & Gross Anatomy videos, since he ties them up. And the good thing about watching his videos is that you don't need to read the lecture notes at all. All you need to do is grab some snacks, sit back and enjoy the videos. Dr. David Seiden is so freaking amazing so don't skip any of his lectures. I can guarantee you that after watching his videos you will never get an anatomy question wrong. He also does an excellent job with CT, MRI, and X-Rays. Make sure you take screenshots of those so that you can go over them later. The videos might seem long, but they are worth watching, you will love this guy! Good luck studying and don't forget to shoot me an email if your anatomy scores improved after watching the videos.

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