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Which USMLE Step Is More Important?

I received a numerous email to write a post on the important USMLE Step. To tell you what every step is important. However, recently the residency directors are looking more into USMLE Step 2 CK score and no failing on USMLE Step 2 CS. What does that mean?

I have seen many students never cared about Step 2. They only work hard for Step 1 and think that all they need. However, let's say if you score 240 on you Step 1 but get 220 on you Step 2 CK, your chance of landing a residency will go down. But if you score 220 on your Step 1 and get a 240 on your Step 2 CK. You will have a very good chance of landing a good residency.

So what about USMLE Step 2 CS? That is another important exam for you. Many people care less for CS and think it's easy. But what happens if you fail CS? Well my friend, if you fail CS then 50% of the programs will reject your residency application.

Here is my order of importance: Step 2 CS > Step 2 CK > Step 1

So you guys better work hard and do extremely well on your Step 2 CK and CS. And if you need any help and advice from me, feel free to contact me.


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